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Week1 and 2 Pregnancy


  • Am I pregnant or is it PMS
  • Your new best friend - your Gynecologist
  • The science behind creation of life


                        Am I pregnant? Or is it just a delay in my periods? Should I take a pregnancy test? Or should I wait for a couple of days? 

                          Well, that’s how the first or even the second week of pregnancy looks like. It usually goes undetected for most women across the globe. Hence no major changes are noted per se.If you are having regular periods ( 28 to 30 days cycle ) even a single day after missing cycles , you can do urine pregnancy test . The initial symptoms of pregnancy are often confused with the initial symptoms of periods like mood swings, fatigue, disinterestedness etc. 

                        Inside of the wall of uterus  gets thickened with blood vessels and tissue with the hope of receiving a pregnancy or to support a potential fertilized egg. At the same time, eggs ripen in the ovary in fluid filled sacs called follicles. If your partner’s sperm manages to swim all the way into the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg released, yes you can get pregnant. 


                              It takes 10-30 hours for the sperm’s nucleus to fuse with the egg nucleus to form   embryo called  zygote. The fertilized egg moves all the way from the fallopian tube to the uterus and is now called a morula. It continues to work hard and make a nest for itself in the lining of the uterus. At this hour, it undergoes amazing growth and transformation. Since the fertilization takes place during the second week, the pregnancy goes undetected.

                          The tiny life inside you is actually a miniscule ball of cells, now called blastocyst.The inner cell mass inside the blastocyst becomes the embryo. The outer cell mass becomes the placenta, the organ that supplies oxygen and nutrients to your baby. It also carries away the waste products. 


Even though the body is undergoing many internal changes, there are no major noticeable outwardly changes. Common symptoms are: constipation, fatigue, mood swings and morning sickness.


  • Wholesome meals rich in fiber can help in relieving digestion problems. 
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables should be partaken.
  • Protein rich foods like eggs, pulses and soya should be included in the diet. 
  • Sweets give an instant burst of energy. Hence, must be eaten moderately. 
  • Caffeine intake should be moderate since it gets in the way of iron absorption.


You must visit your gynecologist to be sure that you’re physically perfect to bring in a new life within you. You should discuss your medical history in detail so that nothing comes in the way of the child’s healthy development.


Well, it’s the time to rejoice. Congratulations! Your body is undergoing a miraculous transformation. The morning sickness might be taking a toll on you. Relax. Don’t be too hard on yourself or others around you. Harness your energy into the right direction. You may start documenting the changes occurring in your life. The ghastly stories of the pain experienced during the childbirth must be pouring in from all corners. Ignore. Stay optimistic. Let the happiness flow in. Keep yourself engaged and let the countdown begin.

Article verified by Dr. Anupama R, MBBS, DGO, DNM, MNAMS, Infertility IVF Specialist, Pran Fertility and Well Woman Centre, Trivandrum.

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