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Dr Datson George, Consultant Urololgist, Endourologist,Renal Transplant Surgeon talks to on "Take 5- Five Questions with a Doctor"

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am Dr Datson George , Consultant urololgist, Endourologist, Andrololgist, Laproscopic and Renal Transplant surgeon.

I see an OPD of 40 - 50 patients per day.

I have experience in doing various endoscopic surgeries like URS ,TURP, VIU, BNI for stones, stricture and prostate. I am routinely performing all major open surgeries in urology like nephrectomies, ureteric reimplantation, pyeloplasty, radical cystectomies, pelvic tumour excision fro tumours in the urinary tract and ureteric aobstruction. I have a good experience in laparoscopy and have performed various laparoscopic procedures like donor nephrectomies, radical and partial nephrectomies, simple nephrectomies, polycystic kidney pretransplant nephrectomy, testicular vein ligation, ureterolithotomy, Pyeloplasty, pyelolithotomy etc. I have individually performed more than 200 laparoscopic donor nephrectomies for renal transplant. I am regularly performimg renal transplant recipient surgeries(both live and cadaver) and has been regularly involved in cadaver donor kidney retrieval. I am well trained in 3D vision laparoscopy and am one of the first few urologists in Kerala who has done 3D lap donor nephrectomies and other surgeries. I am routinely doing flexible Cystoscopy(350 procedures) and flexible ureteroscopy (RIRS) with laser(The latest in kidney stone surgery) . I have performed TVT O surgeries for female stress incontinence and cystocele /rectocele correction for bladder and rectal prolapse. I deal with male infertility and sexual(andrololgy) related problems.

2. What are the most common issues that patients come to see you for?

Patients come for kidney and ureteric stones, prostate related problems, kidney /bladder/ prostate tumour and treatment, infertility, Renal transplantation, obstruction to the kidney and ureters, female urololgical problems, stress incontinence, recurrent urinary infections

3. Do you have any general advice for your patients in terms of your particular area of specialty?

  • The general advice is to take upto 2-3 litres of water per day to prevent urinary infections and urinary stones..
  • To take a basic ultrasound and PSA for early detection of prostate and kidney cancer.
  • To meet a urologist if any urinary symptoms

4. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect is the Renal transplant surgery and we have done close to 1800 transplant surgeries

We do lot of difficult laparoscopic cases

5. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

The most enjoyable aspect of the job is the satisfaction of the patients that is seen after treating the patients.

To book an appointment with Dr.Datson George click here.

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