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Priya K + Follow 01 Aug 2015
Dr. Deepak Kelkar MBBS, MD Psychiatrist

Commonly troubling symptoms though appear normal, it may be an illness

It is normal to double check whether you have put off the electricity switch or bolted the door from inside or locked it properly while going out. It is okay to wash hands 2-3 times, or take bath for 15-30minutes 2 to 3 times in a day. But if it interferes in daily routine life or troublesome to family members it becomes a problem.

Excessive hand washing, Brushing, Bathing, ritualistic behavior, touching, arranging, counting repeatedly are the common symptoms. There is a fear that something bad will happen if it is not done repeatedly.

How to recognize obsessive and compulsive disorder?

1) Someone who repeatedly washes hands.
2) Takes a long time to have a bath.
3) Gets irritable if his things are not arranged properly.
4) Excessive concerns about his health, looks, inspite of it being normal.
5) Spends a lot of time in arranging his stuff, counting.
6) Gets excessive thoughts about safety of family members.
7) Checks locks and doors, electricity buttons excessively.

How to Treat:

1) Pharmacological drugs
2) Cognitive behavior therapy
3) Relaxation Therapy
4) Hypnotherapy
5) Adopting Healthy Habits
6) Psychotherapy

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