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Rare Cancers & Challenges

Based a recent report published in May, 2017 in Cancer Journal for Clinicians. The proportion of rare cancers is greater among children, adolescents, and young adults. Rare cancers account for most of the diagnoses (71%) in those aged younger than 20, and 39% of the diagnoses in those ages 20 to 39. Rare cancers accounted for about 17% to 20% of cancers diagnosed in adults ages 40 and older.

“Continued efforts are needed to develop interventions for prevention, early detection, and treatment to reduce the burden of rare cancers, write the authors. “Such discoveries can often advance knowledge for all
Strategies to enroll more people in clinical trials include international collaboration and changes in study designs that would maximize findings with smaller numbers of patients. In 2011, the International Rare Cancers
Institute was established as a joint initiative among research institutes in
the US, Europe, and Canada.

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