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Week 25 Pregnancy

GROWTH OF THE BABY:The baby is 13.5 inches in size and about 23.2 ounces in weight, almost the size of a cauliflower. The hair are growing rapidly, giving the baby a more human like appearance. The wrinkled skin drenched in amniotic fluid will begin to smoothen out. The body fat is developing in quick progression. You are nearing the end of second trimester. Your little one would be in your arms pretty soon.

CHANGES IN MOTHER’S BODY:Your growing size may be the only concern for you as of now, probably a major reason giving you sleepless nights. It is no longer possible to sleep on the back. Getting up and sitting becomes a bit uneasy. Don’t shy away when someone extends you a loving hand to support you. However, keeping on your toes is still the best way to overcome the fatigue of overthinking and anxiety. Your hair would become more glossy and thicker, thanks to the overshooting hormones in your blood.

Of the 27 million babies born in India annually (2010 figure), 3.6 million are born prematurely, of which 303,600 don’t survive due to complications. Premature or pre-term is defined as 37 weeks of completed gestation or less. According to a recent report, India has the highest number of deaths due to premature birth. Here are a few tips to avoid premature birth:

  • Watch your weight
  • Pop prenatal vitamins
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Don’t hold back nature’s call
  • See your health care provider regularly
  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles

PURPLE HEALTH RECOMMENDS:Pregnancy symptoms not to be ignored:

  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Less movement of the baby
  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Severe abdominal cramps
  • Pain during urination
  • Vomiting accompanied by fever
  • Visual disturbance
  • Abdominal trauma
  • Flu/swine flu
  • Communicable diseases
  • Depression

Contact your healthcare provider immediately, if any of the symptoms occur or persist.

Article verified by Dr. Anupama R, MBBS, DGO, DNM, MNAMS, Infertility IVF Specialist, Pran Fertility and Well Woman Centre, Trivandrum.

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