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Week 14 Pregnancy

GROWTH OF THE BABY: The baby has grown by an inch now. It measures 3.5 inches and weighs 1.5 ounces. The arms still have to catch up with the length of the legs. The yolk sac that had been providing nourishment has disappeared. The baby receives nutrition directly from the placenta. The head still accounts for half of baby’s length. The body would soon become symmetrical. The neck begins to elongate and the chin would now rise off the chest. The baby has already learnt how to show a multitude of expressions. The facial features would become sharper as the ears and eyes would move to their apt position.

CHANGES IN MOTHER’S BODY: The energy quotient is likely to revive henceforth. In most of the pregnancies, the nausea and queasiness disappears by now. Since the baby is bigger and heavier, you may expect a slight baby bump. The uterus is just above the pelvic bone. Unless you have twins or multiple pregnancies, you can surely move around without much change in belly size.
Backache affects around 50% of all pregnancies. Extra weight causes the sore back. Gastric problems are common due to less movement. Swollen feet is common too, due to water retention and high sodium intake.
You may possibly gain 5 to 6 pounds by this week. Constipation might persist in giving you a rough ride.

DIET & FITNESS REGIME: Health experts recommend that while exercising, your heartbeat should not rise above 140 beats per minute. This would ensure constant oxygen supply to the baby and you would not get over exhausted.
Dieting is not recommended during pregnancy. Your child’s health solely relies upon your nutrient intake. Insufficient food intake can put your baby at health hazard. You can however choose to eat healthy and avoid intake of processed sugar.

To minimize back pain:

  • Wear low heel comfortable shoes.
  • Use back support while sitting
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Sleep on a firm mattress

If severe backache persists, see your health care expert.
Walking is beneficial in avoiding gastric ailments. Avoid foods with high salt count like pickles to keep swelling at bay.
Keep your weight under check. You should gain 20-25 pounds by the end of pregnancy. Overweight can lead to several health ailments. High water and fiber intake coupled with light exercise can help in easing out constipation.
Avoid lifting heavy weights and exercises that demand you to lie down on your bac

 Article verified by Dr. Anupama R, MBBS, DGO, DNM, MNAMS, Infertility IVF Specialist, Pran Fertility and Well Woman Centre, Trivandrum.

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